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Charlie Baillie – Rangers Vs Celtic

We were standing in the jungle at Parkhead; the year was 1965 I think.

There was no segregation: Rangers supporters standing next to Celtic supporters without any trouble.

It was a New Year’s game and the weather was Baltic; way below zero. The pitch was like an ice rink: rutted and totally frozen, with big bales of hay behind each of the goals.

If I remember right, Davie Wilson scored for Rangers just before half time. Cue me and my mate going ballistic. 

Second half started with the whole Celtic team changed from studded boots to flat trainers and baseball boots. They then proceeded to run over the top of Rangers, scoring five with big John Hughes leading the riot. After the fifth goal I turned to my mate, with about 10 minutes to go, and suggested we leave pronto to save further embarrassment. He turned to me scornfully and uttered the words: ” No. We can still come back”. 

So much for the eternal optimist.

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