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Charlie Baillie – Rangers Vs Dunfermline

It was against Dunfermline at East End Park sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s; I’m not quite sure. 

I remember Andy Penman playing for Rangers in a Cup replay after a score draw at Ibrox . My father up until that time had sung the praises of the Famous Five Hibernian line up of the 1950s and was adamant that no team could touch them. 

Anyway, here I was with my mate, shoehorned into the ground, cheering on the Rangers. I can remember Rangers scoring and everybody round about us going wild with delight. It was just then that my mate started prodding me and pointed up to the rafters of the shed opposite the main stand where, to my complete disbelief, was my father standing on one of the steel girders 20 to 30 feet above me yelling with gay abandon about what a team the Rangers were. 

Up until that moment I was convinced he supported Hibernian. How wrong can you get?

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