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Eilidh Donaldson

I was just 12 when Aberdeen won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983. I didn’t realise at the time that was their peak! Their time shall come again, I hope I’m there to see it.

A great team, full of future managers and the spine of our international team played some classy passing football when the beat the mighty Real that night. It was also deadly dull in parts but you forget the bad times when you win. The victors write history as they say.

The memory of that rainy night in Gothenberg (which I watched from the comfort of my sofa) is bittersweet for me. My mum had cancer and she died a few weeks after the match. Supporting the Dons under Ferguson and beyond has got me through some tough times and caused a few its fair to say but when football is your first love you can’t just walk away.

I still know the words to the European Song and remember in those pre-Facebook days (pre-computer virtually, Sinclair Spectrum anyone?) that you showed you were a fan by displaying the cover of the single in your window. If you don’t know what a single is, its like a download that you can see and touch.

Both Sir Alex and I have aged a bit in the intervening years but our passion for the game remains. Thanks for the memories Big Man – now kick on!

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