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John Fergusson

As a kid growing up in Dumfries I was a regular at Palmerston, usually installed next to the enclosure next to the stand where my father could keep an eye on me. Pressed up against the wall, one was so close to the field of play you could smell the liniment off the players. I can still smell the irresistible mixture of sweat and whatever goes into liniment.

I particularly remember one game against Rangers when Savage was playing at left back and Willie Waddell was on the Rangers wing. Waddell came waltzing down the wing in his own inimitable manner, only to be felled in his stride by Savage, who took no prisoners. I can still hear the crunch…

My other abiding memory is of Roy Henderson, the man who surely gave rise to the allegation that all goalies are mad. I remember watching from behind the goal when QOS beat Partick Thistle 8-1 or something like that. This triumph was, of course, eclipsed by the return match when the Jags put nine goals past the great man.

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