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Johnathan Waddingham

The first football game I ever went to was an old third division (I think) game between Preston and Fulham (I think) at Deepdale.

The whole experience was amazing – all the people, all the shouting, the cold (it’s cold in Preston) … But there was a buzz as we had a young guy from Man U on loan at the time, someone who’d been described as good, but with a bit of an edge, a temper.

Anyhow, this young lad ended up scoring a brilliant free kick from 25 yards out. (Or it could have been that he scored direct from a corner, I can’t remember exactly). Clearly this lad was a bit special, and looked a touch out of place amidst all the Division 3 hoofing.

The young lad? David Beckham of course. Here’s some youtube clips of his time on loan:

First proper football memory, one of the best.

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