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Joseph McCormack

Sitting in my cousin’s house listening to Celtic win the league in 1986. I was only 10, but i can still remember the feeling of total ecstasy when we heard Albert Kidd had scored for Dundee against Hearts. 

Celtic won 5 -0 that day against St Mirren at Love Street, but all ears (this was before Sky TV) were on the Hearts game on the radio. With only 10 minutes or so left, Hearts were champions-elect. Even though Celtic were cruising, we needed Dundee to score. Step up Albert Kidd! 

The self-confessed Celtic supporter bagged a double to send my uncle’s house into raptures! There were 12 of us huddled round the radio and when the goals went in, it sparked scenes of jubilation the likes of which I’ve never seen since. 

There were grown men crying and hugging, women cheering and dancing, Celtic songs being belted out; to this day there’s a hole in the ceiling caused by my Grandpa throwing me a tad too vigorously aloft and my head bursting through the plasterboard!

Throughout Celtic’s history, there has always been an element of romance and a dogged persistence to play till the very last whistle. On may 3rd 1986, they showed their true fighting spirit and dedication to the cause. even though we did need some help from Albert!

I have had some memorable moments with Celtic over the years, the 6-2 game, Seville, Juventus at Parkhead, Henrik’s last competitive game at Parkhead; but for me nothing comes close to the league in 1986. 

That was the day that Celtic were truly ingrained in my heart, and they have stayed there ever since.

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