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Kenny Logan

Firstly, any Rangers game where they won the league would be a highlight. And any Rangers game where Ally McCoist scored with his shin, ear or that fat arse of his, would be another cherished memory!

However, I have my wife [Gabby Logan, the BBC sports presenter] to thank for many of my great football experiences. I’m a Manchester United fan, as well as a Rangers fan, and went to the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich. I was all set to leave when United scored two goals to win it. That was an amazing night.

But the 2005 Champions League in Istanbul, when Liverpool famously came back to beat AC Milan on penalties, was an experience to cap it all. So many things were happening at that time. Gabby was 28 weeks pregnant and was presenting the game in Istanbul.

The weekend before, I had played my last ever game, for Scotland against the Barbarians. I had got knocked out and I was told by the doctors that I wasn’t allowed to drink.

I remember thinking: ‘It’s the last game of my career, there’s no way I’m not going to drink’. So I ended up having a session and spilling on to a flight from Aberdeen to Bucharest a day later. From Bucharest, I flew to Istanbul and ended up meeting with McCoist and Robbie Fowler for the game. I still hadn’t slept at that point.

We had hospitality tickets and it was an amazing experience. It was 3-0 at half-time and I remember being in hospitality at the interval and saying to Ally and Robbie: ‘There’s no point going back out, the game’s over’.

They persuaded me and the rest of the game was incredible. Stevie Gerrard was amazing that night. When Liverpool scored to make it 3-1, the Liverpool fans went mental. When it went to 3-2, both sets of fans were going mental. Then came extra-time and penalties.

It was an amazing experience, particularly sharing it with Ally and Robbie, who is a real Anfield legend. The Liverpool fans spotted Robbie and were singing: ‘We all live in a Robbie Fowler house’. After the game, we didn’t get to bed until six in the morning. I was pretty knackered by that point.

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