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Martin Langseth

May 26, 1999, the day before my ninth birthday. 

We didn’t have the football channel at home at that time, so me and my stepdad had to travel to my grandma’s house to see the final. And what a final. 

Manchester United struggled the whole match, until Teddy Sheringham put in the 1-1 goal in the 90th minute. I went mad, almost nine years old, happy just to stay up past bedtime, and Teddy had taken it to extra time, I was sure.

But no, Ole wanted it a different way. Beckham drove another corner in towards the goalie. Teddy was first on it, passed it on to Ole, at that point Ole stands half a foot from the goal line, and kicks it up in the net.

“And Solskjær has won it” 

The best birthday gift a little kiddo from Norway could get

And Solskjær has won it
And Solskjær has won it
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