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Mike Rogers

Season 1972-73. Relegation for the 2nd time in a row. Late January and Luton Town at home in the snow with an orange ball in front of 3000-odd die-hards and half a dozen Luton fans freezing in the open end.

Dennis Clarke passes it back and the ball sticks in the snow. Luton attacker runs on to score and they win the game 2-1. That kind of summed up the whole HTFC experience in the early 70s.

It’s funny how the most miserable ones stick in the mind. As young teenagers we used to liven up those dull winter evenings for ages afterwards on the Subbuteo pitch with bits of torn up newspaper simulating the snow. Embarrassing but true; but happy memories indeed from half way along, half way up the ‘Popular Side’ at Leeds Road.

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