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Sophie McCallum

Following a drive through a blizzard on the M8 to get there, having met up with my family we descended on Hampden for my third ever cup final, looking for that elusive first win. Among the excitement was the hint of the memory of the 2004 defeat against Livingston. 

As the game kicked off tension grew in the first half hour. No goals. Snow still falling in Glasgow. A slight fear it would get so bad the game would be called off. Then what? Then Rob Jones, captain, rose up and got that oh so important first goal. Bringing the sunshine to the game (not quite in Leith!!) 

I remember my uncle telling me at half time to relax, we were winning – I told him I would when we had a 3 goal cushion! Into the second half, we got it, the euphoria around the green and white support was incredible. Then Kilmarnock got a goal back, I don’t think I was alone in the fear it was all going to fall away, but the boys stepped up to the plate, scored another 2 goals, and lifted that trophy.

Thousands of Hibs fans stood on our seats, belting out ‘Sunshine on Leith’ scarves proudly held over our heads is one of the most moving things I have taken part in, a truly special moment in the proud history of Hibernian Football Club.

Glory glory to the Hibees!

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