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Steve Macleod

Rangers have provided many memories, so I’m going to pick almost my earliest possible one, the 1976 Scottish Cup Final.

Living on the Isle of Lewis at the time, there was little prospect of a seven-year-old popping along to Hampden, though my old man did make the trip (which, from the island, meant a return no earlier than Monday, what with transport being banned on the Sabbath!)

The game? A bit of a black-and-white TV blur really. My strongest memories are of the crowd going wild and celebrating a treble-clinching win for the Teddy Bears. ‘Maybe one day I could get there and watch Rangers win a trophy’, I thought. 

I did, a few years later; March 1984, when Super Ally banged in a hat-trick to win the League Cup against our Old Firm rivals. Since then, there have been many more trophies and memories, all special in their own way. May there be many many more!

My son is now seven and already a committed bluenose. If he can see the Gers win half as much silverware as I have, well, I’ll be raging! After all, we want to win them all!

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