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Douglas Thomson

1971. Dunfermline at Brockville. Nil-nil in injury time , corner for Falkirk, Watson Street end

Supporters standing at the corner waiting to get out of the exit at Watson Street. Hoggan about to send over the corner when George Miller runs across. I was about 6ft in from the corner flag and at the first crush barrier. 

“I’ll take it,” shouts George. He waves Young , Ferguson and Gibson into the six-yard box. The wind was blowing towards the Watson Street end. The stand are all stamping their feet, giving the most intimidating stand in Scotland, a vibrating drumming sound.

The Bairns in the covered enclosure are in full voice and banging the back of the enclosure so hard the rust is raining down from the roof. Miller takes the corner with his magic left foot, it swings out to about the penalty spot with a vicious spin as the wind catches it and it flies into the net as Arrol the goalie, Ferguson and Young all jump together. 

Genius from Miller and Cunningham. As the players all run to Miller he turns to the support with his arms up. I have never heard Brockville any louder than that moment. Rennie, Abel, McLaughlin, Markie, Miller, Gibson, Hoggan, Roxburgh, Ferguson, Shirra and Young. 

Will never forget that goal.

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