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Mark McGhee

Don’t drink and play, unless you’re getting watched by the scouts!…

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The legendary Eusebio scores against Celtic, The Herald

Glenn Gibbons, Sports Writer, The Scotsman

It is 1970 and as the ball crosses the goal-line and the referee blows for full-time, Glen Gibbons is in a press box full of journalists who don’t know if Celtic have just beaten Benfica in Portugal or not. It all turns on the flip of a coin. Or two…

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Doug Henderson

Simon Stainrod inspires the best Falkirk chat…ever!…

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Burghead Thistle

Gary Sutherland

Hopeman v Burghead. El Sand Clasico. Gary Sutherland recalls team-mates sadly missed and one who could break your arm with a penalty kick

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georgios samaras

William McPhillips

Georgios Samaras has one of his best days for Celtic in the cauldron of an away Old Firm match…

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Neil White

Shinji Ono and the summer of 2000 in Tokyo…

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Craig Brown

Where do you start? Villa 0 Burnley 3, January 1973, not a bad one to drool over…

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Charlotte Pratt

90 seconds of ecstasy as Neil Barratt’s header warms the cockles…

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Peter Chan

“Men against boys”, they said, but it was Blackburn who ended up being taught a lesson…

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Gavin Berry, Sport Journalist, Daily Record / Sunday Mail

Newcastle United fans are tricked by the Rotterdam police’s cunning beer-based ruse, but end up high on the kind of excitement exclusive to members of the Toon Army…

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Iain McMillan

Joe Jordan brings the house down at Hampden and sends Scotland to the World Cup…

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Pat Crerand

A great Scottish team ends a terrible streak against England and, recalls Pat Crerand, could have taken on the world…

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Craig Smart

Sodden battle with America’s finest in Dunoon in ’78…

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Kenny Hodgart, South China Morning Post

The memory can play tricks, but witnessing a Willie Miller rollicking at close quarters sears itself on a young mind forever…

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Colin Orr, Greenock Tele and St Mirren FC website

Colin Orr explains why years of mediocrity following St Mirren are a price he is willing to pay for one glorious season of Tom Hendrie’s total football…

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Simon Glen

Simon Glen recalls his cousin’s battle with the council to preserve a lop-sided view of Firs Park

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John Robb

The Goldblade frontman, still fighting the punk rock war can also be found following the tangerine dream…

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scotland, john collins

Lee Roden

John Collins’ ice-cool penalty in Paris is responsible for another football memory – although Lee Roden’s is the first to specify what he was eating when Scotland played Brazil…

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Sheffield United, The Mighty Alan Quinn

William Hattersley

Alan Quinn makes history in the 2005 Steel City derby…

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martin burns

Martin Burns

The horrors of the London-Glasgow overnight bus are worth it for a glorious Old Firm victory…

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Simon Stainrod, A.K.A. God, in action for Falkirk, The Herald

Brian Marjoribanks, Sports Journalist, Scottish Daily Mail

Watching Simon Stainrod was the closest many Falkirk fans came to God in the early 1990s. How do you explain that to a hotel receptionist in Sheffield?…

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Teddy Jamieson

Teddy Jamieson recalls an unlikely hero in Northern Ireland. Teddy is the author of Whose Side Are You On: Sport, the Troubles and Me…

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Brian Christie

Two great games…

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chelsea, pat nevin

Pat Nevin

Chelsea’s man of the match decides to leave Stamford Bridge not in a Humvee or Ferrari, but on foot, down the Kings Road, with his champagne in his hand. An old supporter approaches him and reminds him why he plays the way he plays…

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western farm, boden sweden

Tom Clover

Wild west shoot-outs in Scandinavia with O’Leary’s Villains…

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celtic dixie deans' goal against hibs

Paul Craig

Celtic beat Hibs in a classic Hampden final, with two hat-tricks. Dixie Deans scores to order…

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Kenny Logan

Kenny Logan may have a lifelong love affair with Rangers, but not even celebrating an Ally McCoist sclaff could trump an unforgettable night at the 2005 Champions League final in Istanbul…

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Sir Steve Redgrave

Even Olympic legends have to hustle to get tickets for the big game – and it doesn’t help when you get swindled by Bayern Munich fraudsters…

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Josh Cain

Mikel Arteta reduces Josh Cain to tears. In a good way…

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Chris Morgan wins the cup for Linfield

James Morgan

One day you’re playing with your brother on the street, pretending to score the winning goal in the cup final. Then one of you gets to do it for real while the other watches in awe…

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