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Jim Drysdale

I REMEMBER the excitement of going to my first matches at Tynecastle in 1974. I was taken by my dad who had a soft spot for Rangers but was really a Hearts fan. He must have been because he paid to get into the New Year’s Day game in 1973 at half-time when we were 5-0 down to the HIbs! 

I remember the excitement of going to the games in the Seventies. Getting lifted over the turnstiles, getting the Wagon Wheels and carton of orange at half-time and marvelling at the players. Cruickshank, Busby, GIbson and the fantastically entertaining Bobby Prentice. 

The night games under lights and the smell of linament were also great memories. I also remember the disappointment of hearing about Pat Stanton’s equaliser after 95 minutes as I walked along Dundee Street with my dad. 

Finally, I remember Graham Shaw getting roundly booed as he warmed up to come on as a sub! Very harsh treatment but, hey, that’s us footy fans.

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