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Mark McGhee

The stand-out game for me is something that I’m not very proud of actually. I don’t think I’ve actually told the story, but – much against my better judgement – the night before we played a midweek game against Hamilton, Andy Ritchie persuaded me to go to a pub up in Hamilton where he knew all his mates would be.

They were Hamilton supporters and we were going to noise them up as we were playing them the next night. What happened after that was messy.

For the only time in my life before a game I got involved in drinking some alcohol. It is literally the only time I’ve ever done that.

The next morning I woke up and I’ll be honest and say I felt awful – I did not feel like playing a football match.

I asked my mum to phone Benny [Rooney, the Morton Boss] and make an excuse for me, but she refused. So, even though I had done that, I had to go and play the game.

We beat Hamilton 4-0 and for the only time in my life I scored four goals, and I know that was the night that Newcastle were there to watch me! I got my move down there long after that.

So, it’s not what I would recommend to any young player and I am quite ashamed of it, but it definitely is a stand-out moment!

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