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Stephen Hart

1987/88 was Celtic’s centenary season. I was only six years old, but i still remember it like yesterday; it was a magical year. 

It seemed so much was going on: I went to visit to the People’s Palace with my Dad to see the Celtic exhibition and the Celtic Story at the Pavilion. I remember my face lighting up on Christmas morning when I got the Celtic centenary tracksuit. 

That season is the first one that sticks in my mind in terms of going to games; I remember being there every week, just about. We sat in the main stand west or went to the Celtic end and stood near where it meets the main stand. Walking up London Road every week to Parkhead was something special. 

Celtic beat Dundee to win the league 3-0, I think Chris Morris got the first goal. The ground was packed to the rafters that day, I’ve never seen anything like it. My next door neighbour took me, as my Dad was not well.

Cup final day Celtic were playing Dundee United. It was a glorious day, a day I will never forget. Glasgow was a sea of green and white. I was in the front row of the old main stand, right on the red ash just about, with my Dad, my pal from school and his Dad. We are a goal down with 10 minutes to go. I was almost crying at the thought of defeat, but the old guy behind me said, “Don’t worry son, it’s Celtic, there’s plenty of time to score.” And we did just that. Francis McAvennie, my new hero that season, popped up with an equaliser and a late winner. It was a fantastic end to a memorable season. I remember we got home that night, it seemed half the street was partying, and the champagne was flowing. 

The great thing then was there seemed a great camaraderie with all the fans, you saw the same faces every week. The team was full of local guys, guys who had gone to the same schools as us, who came from the same neighbourhoods. The team was full of Celtic fans who fought for every ball and never gave up.

I wish football today was still the way it was back then!

celtic holding cup 1988
Celtic holding cup 1988
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